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in the mountains, western maryland, west virginia into the upper 40s. and in southern virginia, in the upper 50s. and over the last 12 hours, we've seen the circulation in the atmosphere that triggered yesterday's storms, pulling off to our north and east. a little drizzle around this morning. and as the day progresses, we'll have the winds picking up. highs reaching the low 60s. and quite a bit of cloudiness, just the slight chance of a sprinkle early this morning and later on in the afternoon. more sun tomorrow, highs mid 60s. and near 80 by friday. how's the traffic, engineer? >>> the drive along i-95 uncomplicated. but as tom had mentioned, some patches of light rain, mist, coming down. so the roads may be a little slick. but out of dumfries and dale city, accident-free. interstate 270, wet pavement this morning. authorities were checking for an accident in the local lanes, 270 southbound between 78 and montrose road. and watch out, it will be slick this morning. >>> well you'll have a chance this evening to pay your respects to the late civil rights pioneer, dorothy height. she's died last
in prince george's county. watching this light rain, scattered showers moving into virginia out of the carolinas and the tennessee valley. that will be with us time to time throughout the rest of the day, occasional passing light shower, highs reaching the low 60s. but this rain activity should end this evening. then we get sunshine back tomorrow, morning lows in the upper 40s, afternoon highs near 70. then partly cloudy on friday. morning lows mid-40s, afternoon highs again near 70 degrees. as we get into the weekend, looks like we're going to have a wet pattern come in. saturday looks like we could get showers. morning lows in the mid 40, afternoon highs mid-60s. looks like heavier rain may move in sunday. now jerry, how's the traffic on this wednesday morning? >> tom, good morning. we're doing fine. good morning everyone. the drive along 395 quiet so far and at this point appears to be on dry pavement. good news if you're getting ready to hang out. let's go over to maryland and head over to the american legion bridge from the maryland shoreline. right side is the outer loop.
some 40s from spring spooeld, virginia, out towards culpep culpeper. check out these will will:00 a.m. temperatures feeling like the middle of summer out there. our temperature at national airport has hopped up now to 81 doigs. 8 out in fairfax and loudoun counties. 81 in manassas and frederick, maryland. 71 at the naval academy in annapolis. a hint of a bay breeze there. quantico, a breeze coming you have the tidal potomac. no rain just yet. we are waiting on a chance for showers to come in late this afternoon, primarily this evening part of a weather front coming our way. a couple of sprinkles in northern west virginia. increasing clouds, very warm, quite breezy out there. chance of showers late in the day. probably after the sun goes down. mid 80s today, barbara but this is it. no more 80s in the seven-day forecast. >> it sure has been nice. of course, we will get it again later. thanks a lot. >>> and jerry edwards has an update on the midday traffic. how is it looking out there at this hour? >> looking pretty good. we're recovering from a couple of issues. beltway northern virgi
in the panhandle of west virginia up into pennsylvania, some scattered showers across west virginia and into the ohio valley. that area of low pressure is going to be coming down our way later on today, and before that we may see a little sun this morning. but overall, a cloudy day, some showers by midday and then perhaps some afternoon thunderstorms, some of which may be severe. could produce some hail and damaging winds. that would be from about 3:00 orr 4:00 in the afternoon all the way through perhaps early evening this evening. highs reaching near 70 before then. things should settle down by late this evening and by dawn tomorrow maybe lingering light showers. after that we ought to get sunshine back by tomorrow afternoon with highs in the mid 60s. then the weather does settle down considerably midweek. we veal the shine back on wednesday. should be partly cloudy. morning lows near 40. afternoon highs into the mid 60s. then lots of sunshine for thursday with highs near 70. let's check traffic on this monday morning. jerry, how is it look sng. >> good morning to you. good mornin
. generally in the mid-50s around town. 51 in prince georges county. and martinburg, west virginia, 49 degrees this morning. and the radar, there is a ribbon of rain showers this week, but the industrial strength is arriving late this afternoon and evening and much through the day tomorrow. and there is a forecast today, a mix of sunshine and clouds early. temperatures in the low 60s, and a high temperature, a 70% chance of rain today and a 60% chance of more rain tomorrow and then again on monday and lingering on tuesday. we needed to catch up where half of the average rainfall is what we have, so we will get caught up. >> thank you, chuck. >> you are welcome. >>> new today, a man is in in the hospital after being stabbed. it happened in wheaton. the man was conscious and breathing when taken to the hospital. he is currently in stable condition. police are still looking for his attacker. they think he might have gotten away in a blue vehicle. >>> court papers show a suspect in the d.c. mass shooting is cooperating with authorities. court papers outline the time line behind the killings. it be
of the virginia tech shootings, which left 32 people and the gunman dead. a day of remembrance on campus today to pay remembrancer to the victims. classes will be cancelled. two sitting benches will be dedicated to honor the victims. a candlelight vigil tonight. police officers caught on tape beating the university of maryland students say they are getting death threats. prince george's county police have suspended two more officers. two other officers were suspended on monday. the video shows police hiddink student john mckenna with batons during a celebration must must. -- hitting the student during a celebration last month. one lawmaker has promised to challenge the district's right to vote. >> we have big changes for the weekend. right now it is 5:06 captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> hadick friday morning. it's going to be a nice day, unseasonably warm. we are already near 60 degrees across much of the region. but there's a cold front that score to move through later this evening and tonight. that will pave the way for much lower temperatures on the weeke
ceremonies will be held across virginia today on the third anniversary of the virginia tech massacre. on april 16, 2007, a student opened fire on the blacksburg campus killing 32 people before turning the gun on himself. today at 9:30 a.m., governor bob mcdonald will lead a ceremony at the capitol. as part of the ceremony, the bell tower will ring 32 times in remembrance and honor of the victims. virginia tech has canceled all classes today. >>> on the same day as this anniversary, three virginia congressmen are urging their colleagues to sue closing the gun show loophole. the three are pushing the bill that would require private sellers to perform background check for buyers at gun shows. the families of the victims of the virginia tech tragedy are sue you porting the bill. >>> the pentagon is changing its policy on how privately owned guns can be handled at military installations in wake of year's deadly shooting at ft. hood. robert gates is ordering a new policy to cover all branches of the military. he wants an interim plan in place by june with a permanent policy implemented nex
county in the low 40s. it's below freezing in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia, near 30 degrees there. near 40 now on the eastern shore. mid-40s through southern virginia. and over the last 12 hours we've had the afternoon clouds break up and overnight we cleared out and starting off clear and chilly this morning. later on today, blustery northwest winds. it's going to be cool with lots of sunshine, though, highs reaching the low to mid-60s. and then another chilly night tonight. back down to near 40 degrees by dawn tomorrow. but with bright april sun and a diminishing wind on thursday we should make it to near 70. then feeling like summertime on friday and saturday, both days highs climbing into the low 80s, morning lows near 50 on friday, near 60 on saturday. we'll take a look at sunday and next week coming up this half hour. how's traffic? >> as we get under way, pretty quiet. had a bunch of road work, now looks like we're doing well on the beltway near arlington boulevard and in the overnight hours authorities were detouring traffic off the inner loop to i-66 beca
regarding a new contract when the union and dc public schools. >>> in virginia bob mcdonnell claimed april 16th virginia tech remembrance day. three years ago today a lone gunman killed 32 people and injured dozens more before taking his own life on the campus. a moment of silence was held on the campus this morning followed by the release of 32 balloons. thousands turned out for the 3.2-mile run in remembrance and a candle light vigil will be held later tonight. >>> one of the victims was leslie sherman, who had graduated from west springfield high school. today that school dedicated and named its track after leslie. peggy fox was there for the ceremony. >> in honor of all of the victims of the virginia tech tragedy, we'd like to do a moment of silence. >> reporter: april 16th is a day that virginia tech victims and families will never forget. >> no two ways about it. it is a tough day. always will be for us but events like this that add a little ray of sunshine. >> reporter: leslie is sherman was a 2005 graduate of west springfield high school. she was a model student and ran track. she
in maryland and virginia. and it would repeal registration requirements. >>> we are following more breaking news this afternoon out of prince george's county at this hour. a school bus in college park snagged on some low-lying power lines and got tangled up in those lines. this is taking place in college park near the intersection of route 1 and guilford road. officials say there were about 40 students onboard heading home from hyattsville middle school. none of the students reportedly had been injured. crews were able to move the bus but the students are remaining onboard the bus until it is safe to get off again. this is happening in college park near the intersection of route 1 and guilford road. >> dicey situation there. >>> to our top story. bret michaels remains in critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage. doctors plan further testing to help pinpoint the source of the brain hemorrhage. that's keeping bret michaels in intensive care. >> michaels is a competitor on nbc's "celebrity apprentice." today the creator and star of the show donald trump, add
is okay. 95 virginia has a tractor- trailer that jackknifed and lost its rear axle. other than that. this is 95 northbound in virginia, north of the rappahannock river bridge. only one lane gets by to the left. 55 minutes just to get out of fredericksburg. the alternate is not much better. >> brand new video, a fire broke out at a building on georgetown university campus. it happened along the 3700 block of o street in northwest. the details are scarce. >> our top story this morning, two prince george's county police officers are being punished for their role in the video. you saw it first on abc 7. both are serving suspension while the department conducts an internal investigation into brutality claims. this morning we are learning new details about who is officers are. brianne carter is in college park with details. >> good morning. according to the police department, they have identified all the officers involved in the video. so far, two police officers have been suspended. more suspensions may be forthcoming. police said all of the officers involved in the beating at the univer
and virginia came together to ask for more oversight of the agency. news4's megan mcgrath joins us with more. >> good morning. there have been 15 accidents in the metro system in the last year. the chairman of the committee on oversight in government reform opened this hearing by saying that was completely unacceptable and that something needs to change. now, metro officials including the new interim gm, richard sorrells are appearing before that committee today to answer questions about their safety record and what's being done to make sure that the system and the passengers are safe. now, some lawmakers a calling for more oversight over metro. specifically that there needs to be an agency with real teeth, real enforcement powers to watch over the system as well as come up with safety procedures. right now they say there is not such an entity that has enforcement powers and plays that role. also, others are calling for more funding, specifically federal funding for metro so that they can get back to do some of the maintenance and other things that they need to do and they hope that that wil
this afternoon for the 29 men killed in the west virginia coal mine explosion earlier this month. chief among the mourners was president obama. our chief white house correspondent chief reed is in beckley, west virginia, tonight. >> 29 crosses for the 29 lives lost in the upper big branch mine in the tradition of mining country, a helmet carefully placed on each by members of the family. ♪ >> reporter: president obama and vice president biden came to beckley, west virginia to, offer words of comfort for the families and praise for the victims of the deadliest u.s. mining disaster in 40 years. >> all this hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground, it was all for the families. >> reporter: a preliminary federal report says the cause of the explosion was probably a build-up of methane gas or coal dust or both. the report criticized massey energy company for its long history of safety violations at the mine. massey says there will be accountability if there was improper conduct. the president says miners deserve to be treated the way they treat each other, like family. >> we
are furious at the governor of virginia for his decision to declare april confederate history month. we'll talk to former virginia governor doug wilder and get his thoughts. >>> joe murray of on deck sports made one product, pitching mounds for indoor baseball facilities. his customers loved them and urged him to branch out. he added artificial turf and other baseball equipment, scoring a home run with his growing client base. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ let's wind 'em with precision. open our throttle to even more selection. and turn that savings swagger up full tilt. ♪ so when the time comes to bust open a can of doing... we've got all the tools for all the things we need to make 'em happe
gray. doreen, jim, back to you. >> jay, thank you. >>> man from virginia died after he was tasered by police in arlington. the officers say they were trying to control the man in an apartment on columbia pike and that's when they used a taser gun. that man died this morning. derrick ward is in arlington and has more on this. >> reporter: we are learning a bit more about the victim that died in the third-floor apartment in this building during the incident you just talked about. we are also learning more about the training that police officers typically undergo and what's men to be non-lethal force. when police responded to the call for a psychiatric emergency at the wild wood apartment in arlington, they encountered adil jouamai. he had been staying here with relatives. >> family member that initiated the call to the police department. >> reporter: police say he was nude and uncooperatedive and there was a struggle. an officer use ad taser on the 32-year-old man. they noticed he was not breathing. >> already dispatched to the scene and they were there and provided medical treatment
and yellow lines in virginia. the culprit there? a track maintenance vehicle. its wheels popped off the track, not once, but twice. the first time in crystal city, the second time near reagan national airport. inbound and outbound traffic had to share a rail to get around the vehicle. it added about a half hour to many commutes. >> the platform was extra crowded, maybe 10, 12 people deep from the edge. >> long and slow. >> reporter: what was going on? >> the yellow line was delayed. a lot of people on the train. >> reporter: how late are you? >> about a half hour. >> reporter: fortunately, none of the problems required a major fix. and all of the work was wrapped up at about 8:40 this morning. it should not effect the evening rush hour. from metro headquarters, megan mcgrath, news4. >>> and permanent repairs will be made to the track near the nailer road station overnight. >>> you will have another chance today to pay your respects to dorothy height. public ceremonies are taking place this afternoon, and this evening, to celebrate the life of the civil rights leader who died last week at the
bill. >>> virginia is for business. defense contractor northrop grumman will announce today it's coming to virginia. >>> it's opening day for an $8 million park near national stadium. the park is named for a 19-year-old murder victim who during his life worked to clean up the neighborhood. >>> news 4 midday begins right now. >>> good morning and welcome everyone to news 4 midday. it's tuesday, april 27th, 2010. health care reform may now be law, but some people with disabilities say lawmakers overlooked them when they passed the historic legislation. now they're in washington and taking their message to house speaker nancy pelosi. tracee wilkins is live in northwest washington. >> reporter: protesters were right outside of the hilton just a little while ago. they have moved on down connecticut avenue. things are back to normal here. today they were here sending a national message. that being disabled shouldn't equal being institutionalized. their early morning arrival caused some traffic backups downtown as more than 300 disabled protesters made their way up pennsylvania avenue. >> keep
. >>> virginia marked the start of the week with a number of events across the state. governor bob mcdonald said he is moving forward with efforts to conserve 400,000 of open space helping to protect the chesapeake pay and stake virginia as a green job zone. the republican leader is urging state residents to join him in conserving. >> what a change this past weekend. we were freezing at a baseball game yesterday the wind doesn't help. that's what made it uncomfortable. in the sun out of the wind would have been okay. milder tomorrow. you're going to like that. >> we're looking at a midweek storm system. we'll talk more about that. we're in pretty good shape tonight and tomorrow. here's your forecast first. the next three days sunshine tomorrow. maybe not as crystal clear as today. and rain and showers develop on wednesday. low 60s and back to sunshine on thursday with temperatures in the mid-60s. tonight look for clear skies and chilly. low temperatures 39 to 49. winds out of the north at about 10:00 and so the winds aren't going to become much a factor after the sun goes down. we're looking at
virginia. here's a look at the satellite. the last of the rain showers long gone now across the southeastern tip of virginia, northeast north carolina moving away from us. so we do have really thick fog this morning, primarily from frederick, maryland to the northern virginia piedmont, that will last through 9:00 or 10:00, then plenty filled with sunshine our skies will by later on this afternoon. high temperatures today upper 50s to low and mid-60s so a hint cooler than average. but the big time warm-up returns for thursday and friday. jerry, over to you. >> all right, chuck. good morning. let's see how we're doing. some areas shrouded by fog, this is 95, north from lorton. the visibility pretty decent to the capital beltway. along i-270, plenty of fog as you make the trip south to germantown and south, so be aware of it. some of that fog you come up on it rapidly with little notice. folks you can see slamming on brakes, be cautious. >> good morning to you, thank you. >> good morning, jerry. shocking new developments regarding the firing of hundreds of d.c. teachers. six mo
quiet with one notable exception, the roadwork in virginia i-95 southbound. we lose the right lane headed south through lorton and woodbridge, backup beginning in newington. the hov lanes are configured for the northbound flow and within the hour, vdot should flip over. route 1 as an alternate would certainly be a good idea. let's head over and check out 270 northbound/southbound, doing okay. a report of a vehicle fire up here near 118 in germantown. the fire department came, so far they haven't found anything but we'll keep a watch on and let you know. barbara, back to you. >> all right, jerry. thank you. >>> our time, 11:10. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused smoke to fill the cockpit of a plane that left dulles airport bound for washington state. united flight 9 t 17 took off around 5:00 last night and was headed for seattle but two hours into the flight it had to make an emergency landing in sioux falls, south dakota. for some reason, the cockpit had filled up with smoke, the plane landed safely and no one was hurt. we spoke to one passenger, though, who w
an underground explosion monday the west virginia coal mine. rescue crews are tunneling for four others trapped beneath 1,000 feet of rock. pamela brown is following the story and comes to us live with details. >> officials said it could take hours or days before crews can go back in the mine because of the rising methane gas levels. we are learning more about the 25 victims. three of them are from one family. another victim is a 62-year-old who was just five weeks away from retiring. shock spread as families found out their loved ones were killed in yesterday's explosion. >> the pride that went out -- the cry that when that was something i would never forget. that is the hardest thing i ever had to watch happened. >> rescue teams are securing the offer of mine before climbing 1,000 feet down to continue their search. >> the drilling is to that debate -- ventilate but before we send the rescue teams beckoned. -- back >> officials believe it was toxic gas buildup that set off th explosion yesterday afternoon. it was a blast so powerful that twisted the railroad tracks in the mine. one worker rec
. >> the decision to move the corporate headquarters to virginia and not maryland is sparking a lively debate between the candidate for governor. at issue whether state officials did enough to close the deal. john joins us with more on the debate. >>reporter: officials with northrup say state officials put together a very competitive offer, moved the corporate headquarters from california to marry land. republican candidate for governor disagrees. the restyling company in columbia he blamed o'malley administration for not doing more to entice the company to move here. northrup employs 11,000 people in maryland and plans to here another 300. estate officials say virginia was able to offer the company a better deal on land. that's worth 300 corporate jobs relocated. urlich claims maryland may never have been seriously considered for the move. >> it appears that we were never taken seriously. we were used as potential leverage. maybe that leverage got a better deal from virginia for northrup. >> we would like to attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland but the good news is northrup ha
town of mount coal, west virginia. joining us live with the latest on this ongoing search, katherine? >> hi anita, this afternoon,crews installed them in the holes that they have been drilling for the past couple of days. they are in the process now of trying to ventilate this mine, trying to air out some of the poisonous gases. under the ideal conditions if nothing going wrong, they will be able to get in about 6:00 tonight. >> reporter: rescuers waiting outside the upper big branch mine are anxious to get back to ground. >> this is still a rescue mission to us. we still have rescue chambers that we have to go to. and we still believe. >> reporter: this morning, they got close to where four missing miners might be located. when explosive levels of the toxic gas forced them to evacuate. >> as you can imagine, hauling equipment for the long distance, getting out there, getting exactly where you need to be. and then happens to double time and back out because you find yourself in harm's way. >> reporter: crews are working aboveground to drill more holes to make the air in the mines saf
on the rescue efforts. >>> crews are working around the clock to get back inside the west virginia mine where 25 workers died and four are missing. >> god bless them. they're out there giving all they have. and it's a slow process. >> reporter: teams must drill down more than 1,000 feet to ventilate the toxic gases that forced rescuers out. it may be wednesday night at the earliest, before officials know whether the air is safe. the energy company's upper big branch mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating highly combustible methane gas. emergency crews were sent racing there during monday afternoon's shift change. >> it's quite evidence -- evident to us that something went terribly wrong. >> reporter: they said a carbon monoxide warning was the first hint of trouble. >> because some victims are still in the mine, not all have been identified. this community is praying for a miracle. >> by golly, if i'm on that side of the table and that's my father, my brother, my uncle, my cussin, i'm going to have hope. >> reporter: michelle kinney got word last last night that she lost h
inside that west virginia coal mine to figure out what caused an explosion that killed 29 workers. that's because high levels of dangerous gases are still inside and one investigator says it could be coming from a fire somewhere inside the mine. meanwhile, a public memorial service is planned for this sunday in beckley, west virginia. the president and vice president are planning to tand twonchlgts men accused in connection with the mass shootings are set to appear in court. they were arrested and charged in the drive-by that killed four people and injured five others last month. and the police are looking for a fifth suspect. meanwhile, a 14-year-old originally charged in the shootings was publicly exonerated yesterday. generating anger among some of the victims' families. news4's tracee wilkins reports. >> as the investigation progressed, there was definitely development among the witnesses in terms of the interand what they were saying. >> reporter: one of the developments led to the exoneration of a 14-year-old who police originally fingered as the getaway driver in the deadliest ma
virginia. greensboro, charlotte. just approaching charleston, west virginia. and by tomorrow morning, we will see light rain in the region. and on and off during the day tomorrow. most of this will pass across virginia. we'll be in the northern fringe of that, seeing some rain in our area, tomorrow afternoon. into the evening hours. before it clears out late tomorrow night. look at temperatures. still another mild day. our normal high is 66, 67. that's where we are right now. 66, 68 in washington. a little more sun, south of d.c. 62 in oakland. not too bad out there. and 57 off the water. cooling down in ocean city. still very dry. dew point is down to mid-30s. clouds coming down late tonight. we're going to have to get moist before we see the rain coming down. winds very, very light. they have been out of the south and southwest. here's that little system over portions of northern virginia. it's heading across the carolinas with the rain. now it's in the western carolinas. southwestern virginia getting light rain. all of this is moving off to the east/northeast. just south of washington
. >>> a new investigation into the coal mine explosion in west virginia. >>> another gut punch tonight for toyota. its upscale lexus suv got hit with a safety writing so bad consumers are being told not to buy it. consumer reports gave the lexus gx 460 a don't buy rating. the group saves the vehicle's electronic traction control doesn't react fast enough and cannot stop the vehicle from rolling over. it's the first time in nine years the group has issued such a warning. >> when the vehicle the gx 460 is push to its limits the rear end swings out wide until the vehicle is almost sideways. if this is to happen in a real world situation it could lead to a roll over. >> lexus has stopped selling the vehicle t says engineers conducted similar tests but did not find that problem. it also says the lexus gx 460 meets or exceeds all the federal government's testing. >>> how safe is the beef you eat in despite inspections and recalls when there is something wrong there might be things in your food you don't know about. penicillin, copper, arsenic. it's dangerous. melanie alnwick has a consumer a
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marks the third anniversary of the deadly shooting spree at virginia tech. the gunman killed 32 classmates and faculty. many of the students who were attending the blackburg school at the time of the attack are poised to graduate next month. the school honored survivors at the memorial site. >>> the son of murdered holocaust museum guard participated in a national day of remembrance ceremony today at the u.s. capital. steven jones jr. was given the honor of holding the light as memorial candles were lit. today marks the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp. world war ii veterans and holocaust survivors were also on hand. >>> investigators say they have developed an important piece of evidence in the murder of virginia tech students, morgan harrington. her remains were found on a farm four months after disappearing from a concert. recently completed testing has determined that a t-shirt found in charlottesville in november belong to harrington. authorities are urging anyone with information in the case to come forward. >>> two georgetown university mainten
virginia that rescue teams started moving toward the big branch mine in an effort to learn what happened to four missing miners, 25 others are now confirmed dead, the remaining four, unaccounted for at this hour, after an explosion yesterday afternoon. just moments ago the vest washingtono west virginia governor says families are holding out hope. >> as horrific as this explosion was, i explained to them i don't want to give anybody false hope but by golly, if i'm on that side of the table and that's my father or my brother or my uncle or my cousins, i'm going to have hope and i think you still see people clinging on to hope and it's very difficult. it's a very, very difficult situation. megyn: trace gallagher live in the new york city newsroom. what's the latest? >> reporter: you talk about surviveibility urk the four missing, you have to go back to the sago mine of 2006, because remember, the 13 miners who were in that inside, most of them survived the initial blast. we now know of course rand al mccloy of the only ultimate survivor because the rest didn't have any place to go but now
parts of west virginia and virginia. we will see the activity building our way going into tomorrow. so get the umbrellas ready. we will see the low pressure push n bringing us the rain. so temperatures right now 59 in baltimore. and it looks like we will see the temperatures back in the lower 60s tomorrow. but we will see the showers sticking around for about a day or so. closer look at more rain for the weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> coming up. speed cameras and speed space. how they could track you. >> good and bad news for european travelers tonight as flights begin to take off again. details of another bigger eas long as emerging however. >> details of google's cyber attack being revealed. how you could have >> that volcano responsible for iceland's ash cloud now shows no signs of stopping. and scientists fear tremors from it could trigger a more dangerous eruption at the nearby catla volcano. ten times stronger and shoot higher and larger plumes of ash into the skies. >> great news, however forks airline passengers in europe. airports are getting a limited number
on the beltway at university. moving at speed right now. no issues to report up to the beltway on 95 virginia. if headlights are northbound. metrorail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. >>> this morning the nation will join the washington community to say goodbye to dorothy height. across the country if flags are flying at half staff. the president will pay tribute by delivering a eulogy. the funeral is ending three days of celebration focus on her life and its lasting impact. jennifer is joining us from the national cathedral with more. good morning. >> good morning. as the nation and the city prepared to bid a final farewell to a woman dedicated to civil rights, security is expected around the national cathedral. there have been several memorials leading up to this morning's funeral, including last night's celebration of life at shiloh baptist church. more than 1300 gathered in honor of dr. dorothy height. >> ♪ >> known as the godmother of the civil-rights movement, dr. dorothy height. >> [unintelligible] >> from past presidents to everyday citizens, thousands across the cit
and prince george's counties. around much of northern virginia, including the blue ridge and shenandoah valleys, their temperatures have climbed into the 60s this morning. this afternoon, we'll see it hit near 70. it started in the 30s in the mntsz this morning but in the 60s there right now. much of the reasoning delightful. a wonderful spring dale for the afternoon. mostly sunny and mild, just a few light breezes coming in out of the northwest as highs reach near 70 degrees. i'll show you the forecast for the weekend. big changesçó on the way. we'll take a look at next week as well in a coup of minutes. >> we'll be waiting for you. thank you. >>> ims meetings could make it tougher to get around the district this weekend. there are several street closures around the imf and world bank buildings. they start at 7:30 tonight and run through 5:00 p.m. on sunday. "2r' addition, there no parking on many streets in the that area starting at 3:00 this afternoon until 6:00 a.m. on monday. >>> police have identified a man whose bide boyd was pulled from a lake in prince william county. is he 2
rescuers and crews in west virginia are venting deadly gases to rescue operations are get under way for the four minors still missing from the worst u.s. mining disaster in a quarter century. 25 miners died in monday's explosion. massey energy has a wide history of safety violations. for more on this story we turn to msnbc's norah o'donnell live with the story. norah? >> reporter: good morning. today is the day we may learn the fate of those four missing miners. the governor of this state said yesterday that we may know between 12:00 and 2:00 today whether those four bore holes they are drilling more than 1,000 feet in the ground to try to ventilate some of that methane gas and carbon monoxide out, whether that's been successful. it will take the rescue teams, once they determine it's safe, four to five hours to reach an area 20 feet wide and barely tall enough to stand in, that's where they believe with 90% certainty these four miners are trapped. they are hopeful, of course, for a miracle, hoping they are alive. as the governor said yesterday, the odds are long. we heard yesterday
monday morning with the summit. >>> president obama says the virginia governor made an unacceptable omission when he claimed april without mentioning slavery. president obama says americans can't understand the war without understanding slavery. the governor apologized and added slavery to his confederate decree. >>> criticism from opponents of the recently enacted health care plan did not influence his decision. he led democrats, last minute support crucial to the bill's passage in the house. he said he would have won reelection if he tried. >>> deadly mine explosion in west virginia. they are trying to finally reach the missing manners. terrell brown joining us from raleigh county, west virginia, with the latest. >> reporter: it has been a day, lesli, of over again attempt after attempt and then disappointment. two attempts this morning. one trying to get a camera down into the mine. both of those failed so now rescuers are going back into the mine again. they are inside right now for a last ditch effort to search for these missing miners. >> reporter: rescuers are making another
the biggest threat around florida. we could see large hail around pittsburgh, west virginia, areas of virginia itself when the cold front sweeps on through. now, as far as right now, tallahassee was hit pretty hard with some gusty winds and heavy rain and lightning this morning. now that is beginning to head out, valdosta has some pretty bad storms and further to the north up around is a vsavannah. this was a well predicted storm, we thought we'd have these large, destructive tornadoes. won't be the case today. but unfortunately sometimes the forecast did come true. >> unfortunately you had it pinpointed for yesterday. thank you very much, bill karins. >>> more live reports on the tornados that hit the southeast coming up later this hour. for the latest forecast and the weather where you are, you can head to weather.com. >>> coast guard officials in louisiana now say oil is leaking into the gulfs as a result of the massive rig that exploded last week. the well head on the ocean floor is releasing as much as 100,000 barrels of oil a day into the water. british petroleum is investigating how to
maryland and virginia residents who drive in. this is hitting d.c. residents. this goes too far. >> drivers we spoke with agreed. >> i think there's other ways to fill the budget. we always feel like they pick on the -- they jump the gun on the meters and things like that. >> parking is the most problematic. often lease no parking. a two-hour zone is a problem. you really shouldn't run a light so that's not as big a deal. the parking fines, i would be most worried about that. >> now, at this point, the proposal is just that, a proposal. the budget has not been approved. the council would have to do that for any of these increases to take effect. i'm tracee wilkins. barb, back to you. >> thank you. >>> president obama's nuclear security summit is over making it much easier to get around downtown washington. most streets around the convention center were closed for two days, but they reopened last night. the mount vern is defense center metro station opened back up this morning. parking restrictions in the are still in effect till noon today. >>> police in the district are still investigating
70's this afternoon. tomorrow looks like a gorgeous day. >> virginia lawmakers have approved a plan for gov. bob mcdonnell to cut abortion funding from the commonwealth. in a close vote, they voted to block state funding for abortion except in cases of rape or of the life of the mother is at risk. some people could cash in on a program to encourage people to buy energy-efficient appliances. $5.4 million has been committed to the program in maryland. the va has $7.4 million committed. the program kicks off next month. officials building the new silver line at dulles international say it is costing more than expected. the cost could mean higher fees for phyllis commuters. -- dulles commuters. and coming up on abc7 news at noon, the president heads to wall street with a message for bankers and brokers. get ready for more oversight. a preview, coming up. then powerful testing on a student who is accused of passing private e-mails. we will be right back. passing private e-mails. we will be right back. >> president obama is delivering a message to bankers and brokers in new york city, ge
that the abuse began around christmas and the boy had internal injuries. >>> a 16-year-old boy in virginia is suspected of possessing, reproducing, and distributing child pornography over the internet. a tip to the national center of missing and exploited children was given in february. >>> police hope that a second vehicle could provide new details concerning the murder of a popular dc principal. montgomery county police said that two suspects and two vehicles were likely involved in the murder of brian betts. a vehicle was detected around home around 12:13 last thursday morning. they're not describing the vehicle, but asking anyone with information to call police. >>> a military dog has gone missing for hours at dulles international airport but the dog somehow escaped from his great wednesday night and ended up on the tarmac. -- from his crate wednesday night and ended up on the tarmac. the doberman was spotted in a remote part of the airport. he is being trained to be a bomb dog. >>> coming up, all stark testimony at attacking trial in tennessee. sarah palin takes the stand. and should
lightening strike on the lightning data coming out of parts of west virginia and northern tip of virginia so there are some thunderstorms associated with this activity as we see the instability in the atmosphere and area of low pressure creating thunderstorms. zooming out the picture. area of low pressure actually moving through the area. helping lift the atmosphere creating showers and thunderstorms across the region. that will continue as we go through the next several hours. once we see this move through late overnight tonight into tomorrow move back to the west clearing good news a little hint of things to come as we get down the road. closer look how long the stormy weather will stick around. >> you can track these storms as they approach your house. use fox 45 very powerful doppler radar do to fox baltimore.com slash i radar. >> the storms overnight took down some trees in the region. oak tree in the up there00 block of edge wood avenue and elegant city cbingd in half by the light new england. landed on power lines and caused power outage in the area. power has been restored to mos
as tuscaloosa, alabama. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell has high hopes for the commonwealth's tourism industry. and what it can do for the local economy here. he spoke about virginia's tourism summit today in fairfax. governor accounted virginia's rich civil war history as a big draw but he stopped short of making any specific mention of his controversial declaration of april as confederate history month. he also said that tourism will play a big role in balancing the budget. >> tourism can make a big difference so every room night, every ticket to king's dominion, every time somebody visits the park, it is revenues that visit the prif al at sector, create tax revenues for the state. >> governor mcdonnell also talked about push to get more virginians to take vacations within the commonwealth. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley was in college park continuing his jobs across maryland's tour. he said at the university of maryland to talk about the importance of a efficient government. new die that puts maryland at the top of a list in the country of states with jobs with huge growth f
to the inner loop, a mess coming out of the virginia. you have delays starting near the toll road around the new hampshire avenue. an early accident has been clean. you're slow again from route 1 to the baltimore washington parkway due to an earlier accident. moving into virginia. southbound i-95, very heavy near the beltway, down to wood bridge where another accident has been cleared. was blocking the left side. and now taking a look at i-395 in virginia. in good shape, a little bit slow from seminary down to duke street. back to you. >>> from the best mattresses to the sheets with high thread counts. coming up in tonight's consumer alert. topper. >> we are looking at sunshine, but it is fading. we'll tell you if we are looking at a welt commute in the morning. >>> all right top, how do you feel about terrell owens coming to the redskins? donovan mcnabb loves the idea. lobbying to have his former philly teammate join him in dc. details coming up when 9news now at 5:00 returns in 50 seconds. >>> we want to take you to breaking news out of ann run anarundel county. investigating a report
is criticizing plans to allow offshore drilling off the virginia coast. the southern environmental law center says it would be a big environmental threat offering little oil and gas in return. off the brittany coast, visit would last only days or weeks -- office of virginia coast, they say it would only last days or weeks. >> president obama promised latino groups that he would take up the immigration reform during this first year in office, but the struggling economy and election-year politics if have caused him to postpone the issue. >>> arizona lawmakers have made changes to the controversial immigration bill is signed into law last week. lawmakers responded to charges it would lead to racial profiling by standing restrictions on using race or ethnicity as the basis for police to stop and ask for person's immigration status. the changes, on the heels of two lawsuits seeking to overturn the law. >> president obama has begun interviewing potential supreme court nominees. federal appeals court judge sidney thomas was invited to the white house last night and vice-president biden took part in
to inspire other people to do the best they could. >> reporter: height was born in richmond, virginia in 1912. over the years she excelled in academics, marched with martin luther king jr. are and led the national council of negro women for decades. ♪ tributes and words that included a nod to height's signature style of colorful hats. >> she loved her flowers, she loved her hats, and she loved her daily sweat potatoes. >> we came to love her as so many -- loved her. love her sto we loved her smile. we loved those hats she wore like a crown. >> reporter: a final farewell to a woman ahead of her time. michelle franzen, nbc news. >> dr. height was buried at ft. lincoln cemetery in maryland. >>> the service was open to the public. many people said they were there to celebrate, not mourn, dr. height's life. >> i'm so excited and this is just -- it is history. and i'm just glad to be here. >> she is an icon. this is a civil rights icon. i have the honor to be here in person. i got a particular. amazing day only being 19, thinking of how much time i have to make an impact, i'm excited. i'm inspire
virginia. all moving to the east-southeast. what we are going to see is temperatures dropping off into the 80s where they are now. and we will get probably most of our showers and storm after about 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. severe thunderstorm watch to our north now. watch for maybe a few embedded severe thunderstorm warnings that could come out of this early in the evening. there's your good night forecast. we drop to 70 by 11 clock p.m. wait until you see the temperatures coming up. jim and pat, i will have them in a few. >> we will see you then. veronica, thank you. >>> new at 4:00, one of the officers suspended in that prince george's county police beating probe has now been identified. police tell us sergeant sean mcilevey was not involved in the videotape beating but did process the paperwork of the arrest of mckenna. mckenna was charged for assault for striking a mounted officer and his horse during street celebrations after maryland's victory over duke at a basketball game last month. the charges against mckenna were dropped after video surfaced that shows him being beaten. >>> ne
. you can wake up with úú >>> team of fifth graders from ashburn, virginia is being honored. the four students from virginia academy came up with a design for a food buddy -- food pathogen detection device for residential and family use. this invention would use sensors to detect bacteriases in food. the students jack dudley, bailey matias, patel. they will compete next month. good luck. way to go. >> good for them. >>> good for us. the weather was pretty good to us today. >> that it was. considering yesterday the gray skies and showers across the area. we talked about yesterday, how it was, you know, week ago our first 90. last wednesday, it was our second 90 of the year. at least we are not caught in the 50s. outside we can get the return of sunshine across the area. we started the day with a little bit of mist on the heels of the easterly wind and there was pockets of fog you a round the area, too. blue skies now with temperatures that have squeaked up into the 60s through the area. reagan national airport right now at 63 degrees. humidity, 36%. wind out of the east-southeast. just
for help to find a man who may be a witness in the shooting death of a college student from virginia at his school in texas. 18-year-old jaoshua mccackle wa killed. police say a man named curry mccullum was at that party. police believe he's back in this area and drives a blue-green dodge magnum with maryland plates. >>> a northern virginia community is still reeling from the tragic loss of a father who died after a freak accident during a softball game. george crist was 55 years old. loudoun county fire officials say he was pitching in a softball game at the potomac lakes sportsplex when a softball hit him in the neck on a line drive. the ball apparently ruptured an artery in his neck. he died several hours later at the hospital. his pastor and family members remembered him as a phatter who dedicated his life to giving back to others. more on that story tonight on news 4 at 5:00. >>> police at george mason university are investigating allegations of a sex assault inside a dormitory. investigators tell us a female student reported that a man she knew assaulted her inside maldson dorm early
, sunshine, westerly breeze. frost advisory expires at 9:00 a.m. now to lisa baden. >> in virginia the greenley is ok. 66 and 395, status quo. in the district there's a crash on 95 northbound off before the 11th street bridge near the suitland parkway, only one lane getting by. out of oxon hill going north, allow yourself extra time or wait a little later. in maryland, a vehicle rolled over, connecticut avenue at randolph. flashing lights, complicated, but doable. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:01. the nation joins the washinton community to say goodbye to dorothy height. flags are flying at half staff across the country. the sitting president will deliver the eulogy. her funeral is ending three days of celebration focus on her life and lasting impact. jennifer is at the national cathedral. good morning. >> good morning. there are 700 tickets being made available to the general public for this morning's durable set to begin at 10:00 a.m. dr. dorothy height spent her entire life serving the public. there's already a long line of people wanting to attend. we spoke with a woman a fe
in next week. >>> rescue teams headed back into a west virginia mine early this morning to continue looking for four missing miners. the rescuers had to evacuate the mine last night because of dangerous gases. crews drilled a hole into the mine to help release some of those gases. >> you have to make decisions that are conscious decision inside the best interest of the rescue workers because we can't put them at risk, either. >> so far 25 miners died in the explosion on monday. hopes of finding the four remaining miners alive is looking grim. >>> friends and family members of the miners are outraged over a group planning to protest outside of the site. members of the west borough baptist church say desasters like these happens because of maryland's tolerance of the gays. they made headlines after protesting the funeral of a marijuana killed in iraq. people in the west virginia town want the church members gone. >> they are after them right now and they're going to come down here and protest it, saying that you know, that god you know killed them guys. no. they better take their ass
morganitate over virginia. they got it right in the end year they will submit my backet for me. >> they are going to boat their dad, yes . >> one more theng for you guys. >>> and can we hear go duke. >> go duke. i knew they had something special. fitzgerald and hanon and conner and gaven. thanks for being here. see you guys. believe it or not another super tuesday coming up. how the primaries could affect the november elections in a live report. >> he left hollywood for the white behite and - house . why actor cal penn is saying see you later. to 1600 pennsylvania. why is lubriderm® daily moisture a favorite among dermatologists? one reason, lubriderm® daily moisture contains the same nutrients natural found in healthy skin. lubriderm® moisture matches the moisture in your skin. kin accepts it better. absorbs it better. and has its natural balance restored for a clinically shown 24 hours. for skin that lks and feels truly comfortable. dermatologist developed lubriderm®. your moisture matched. go online to save $2 on lubriderm ® products like new intense skin repair ointmen
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